Should I have the a/c in my car checked?

Raleigh-NC-Car-Air-Conditioning-RepairIts been awhile since you heard from me. I’ve been doing things like kicking off our donation drive for South Of The Bully, fixing odd stuff and staying pretty occupied in general. Its come to my attention, though, that I’ve been ignoring getting Car Care Tips out here.

The heat of the summer is on us.  I don’t know about you but I like that. No need for 22 layers of clothing and wondering when you are going to be able to feel your hands again.

Your car however, might feel differently – interior temps in the 150℉ range, high oil and coolant temps, higher loads on the belts, more heat into all the components and more stress on anything that makes it cooler inside.

Let’s talk and bit about climate control. In order for your AC to work its best it needs 4 things:

  1. a healthy compressor and clean condenser,
  2. a full charge of Freon,
  3. agood belt and
  4. a clean intake air filter or cabin filter.

Seems simple right? If it works it must be in decent shape.

Its not that simple. A good portion of cars out there haven’t had AC work in the last 3 years and have probably lost a little of their charge of Freon. Its not that the system leaks, but that modern refrigerants have a molecular structure that is smaller than the old stuff and it tends to wick a few molecules out as a normal function of the system.

The good news is that’s easy to check and correct. Just get us to evacuate, recover, measure and confirm the current charge level in your cars AC. Its not that expensive either.  Your AC will thank you by performing more efficiently, using less fuel and do a better job of taking that interior from 140 degrees to 70 so you are more comfortable while driving.

While we’re in there, we’ll look at the condenser to make sure it is clean and free of air blocking debris and function test your AC to make sure all functions are working as designed and your system is at 100% of its capability.

While we’re talking about climate control, let’s think about your cabin filter. If you didn’t replace it after the yellow haze earlier this year, rest assured, a lot of that stuff is in that filter. Good!  That means it didn’t end up in your car or in you.

The bad news is most likely those filters are operating at 60% efficiency. We can pop in a new one in there and feel the breeze. We even have a coupon  – yes, some cars are more expensive than others but for the most part, its not a expensive thing and again, your car’s AC will thank you.

Before we send your car out of the shop, we’ll give it a good looking over just to make sure everything is in good shape and even check the air in the spare. Yep, thats right, your spare tire. That little guy who rides around in the trunk forgotten until he is needed. Be a real shame to dig that thing out only to find out its flat wouldn’t it? The only thing we ask is lets try not to bring it in with a ton of stuff in the trunk please.

What does my car need before summer?

car-pollen-spring-maintenance‘Tis getting into the season folks … as in pollen season. Everything I’m pulling into the bay is yellow.

Spring is good (glad we’re finally past winter weather).  I was reminded this week of something a lot of folks forget about – cabin filters. In modern vehicles, all the air you breath inside your car come though that little guy. After pollen season it’ll be nice and green.  Think about changing it after the pollen is done. It’ll be one of the next specials we run.

Also, let’s take a look at your windshield wipers and HVAC performance.  If your battery is over 3 years old, let’s test that too. There’s not much worse than coming out to your car on a 90 degree day only to find out your battery has decided to leave the room without warning.

For you BMW fans, keep in mind, there is one way and one way only to replace a battery properly. They require a specific type of battery, amp hour rating and either lead acid or agm to ensure proper charging and ‘energy management’.

Don’t forget too, we have the online scheduler going and its easy, almost easier than a phone call.

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